Akron Brass Company Product Repairs

For expedited repair service on any of your Akron Brass products, please follow the directions below:

Repair Process:

  • Read and indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions for Akron Brass Repairs.

  • Complete the information required on the repair form accessed from the button below

  • Upon completion of the form, you will receive an email message with an attached packing list and address label.

  • Send your product to Akron Brass in a carefully packed box with one return address label and one packing list per package.

Terms and Conditions

  • You will have 60 days beginning on the date of this message to accept or refuse the estimate.

  • You will receive additional follow-up messages if we have not received a reply accepting or refusing the estimate.

  • Five days after your 60 day follow-up, if we have not received a reply, your product(s) will automatically be returned without repair and you will receive an invoice for the estimate and shipping charges.

  • Additional shipping charges may be added if products are not shipped to the correct repair facility.

  • The estimate charge will be waived if the repair is completed.

  • Akron Brass reserves the right to refuse products that are beyond repair and should be replaced.

  • Filling out an online repair order indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions above.